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My Mind . . . Have You Seen It?

The SMW Blog Assignment for today requires me to write about when my mind is "in full working motion." The reason why I ask if you've seen it is not because I've lost it, but because it darts around all over the place at such high speeds that it's hard to track.

After many years of practice, I think that my husband is the only person who can follow my train of thought. At times, even an expert like my husband still can't keep up with my thoughts.

As far as when my mind is working in full motion, usually it's when I'm in the shower and right before I settle in for the night. Those are the two most dreaded times of day for my husband, I think. The reason is that when my mind is going full speed, I usually am going through the millions of things that still need to be done at that moment, later that day, tomorrow, next week, and what needed to be done yesterday. Then, of course, I feel compelled to remind my husband of all those things.

I would say I get the most done around the house while my husband is being the wonderful dad that he is and is tucking our children into bed. That's when I don't have any distractions. I can clean up, do quick chores, make a plan for what I need to do for the next few hours. This plan helps me be most productive while I'm on my laptop in bed the 2 or 3 hours before I finally lie down and go to sleep. A good plan will let me work on my Cafe Press store, update my son's preschool's website, make siggies, upload photos, update my blog, catch up on SuperMoms World, read others' blogs, reply to emails, etc . . . Then I can lie down and go to sleep with a feeling that I have accomplished as much as I could. If I don't get enough done, then I end up lying awake for quite some time.

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