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Look Who's In the Studio!

For those of you who do not know, our 4yr old has been taking taekwon do classes since the summer of '07. He was only 3yrs old when he started taking classes at his preschool which were taught by instructors from a TKD studio located in a neighboring town.

Not too long ago, Jake made his first visit to that TKD studio because he was invited to test for a yellow stripe for his white belt. Being the youngest person there, he was quite intimidated by the huge room plus so many students, parents, and judges. He showed his bravery by stepping up to the challenge and earning his yellow stripe. I was so proud.

Since his preschool has announced a hiatus from offering TKD classes, we brought up the possibility of taking classes at the studio to Jake. At first, he was not open to the idea, but after some time passed, he began to miss participating in the TKD classes. One day I asked him again and he agreed.

Well now he has one class at the studio under his belt. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. Although all the kids were strange faces, the instructor was the same man who taught at Jake's preschool. He did say that all the other students were very nice. My husband and I can tell that Jake is anxious to work hard so he can test for his yellow belt soon. I'm so proud that our little 4yr old has the discipline to work towards a long-term goal like that.