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I Love Fieldwork!

You'll never guess what I was doing tonight from 7:45pm to 10:00pm! I was sitting in a room with other adults talking about crafts, decorating, cooking, and entertaining. I think that's the longest I've had the pleasure of adult conversation for a long time. The best part though . . . I got paid $100 for it!!!
My husband and I signed up with Fieldwork a couple of years ago. So far he has participated in one focus group. About a year ago, I had some people interview me about cookware inside a well-known retail store, but this was my first focus group (aside from one I participated in online with a different survey company). Sometimes they send you a check for your time, but most of the time they pay you in cash.

I've linked my title to their website. If you have a location near you, I highly recommend you check it out. If your profile fits a study, they will call you or email you. Usually you will need to answer some questions to see if you fit the demographics they are looking for. If you do, then they sign you up at the scheduled time. You show up, do your thing, and then you get paid. Since the studies are usually something that fit your profile, it will most likely be about something that is interesting to you. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with this group of women and completely forgot that we were being observed through a two-way mirror and being recorded.

Oh, and they asked a few of us to stay behind to ask if we would participate in the second part of the study, which would entail their coming to our home with a videographer to interview us and look around our house for two hours on Monday or Tuesday. I would have loved to earn more money, but I had to politely decline after I stopped reeling from laughter at the thought of my having two hours of free time right smack in the middle of the day to talk to them!