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Who Is That Impersonating My Son?

Today was our appointment for our parent/teacher conference at my son's preschool. Just like most other children, he has two sides to him. One side is the well-behaved over-achiever who only shows up at school and then there's the side that only appears at home. We won't talk about the latter though because this blog is to help me focus on the positive parts of my day.

In this preschool, they grade each category under each area of development with solid (consistently performing, emerging (inconsistenlty performing or just starting to perform), or unemerged (not yet performing). Jake received a "solid" for every category. During his last conference in the fall, he had a couple of areas where he was classified as "emerging." It appears that he's really surpassed their expectations in all those areas.

His teacher also said that he was well-liked by the other children, he stands up for himself, he is very organized and great at cleaning up, he always puts everything back where it goes (it's good to know that my obsessive-compulsive tendencies at home are good for something), his favorite station is the writing table, and overall he seems to be very confident (whether he's counting or pouring his own juice at snacktime).

If you couldn't tell, I am one proud mommy!!! My husband and I brought him to A.C. Moore to pick out a small reward for doing so well in school and out of everything in that enormous store, he chose a Glow-in-the Dark Silly Putty on sale for a dollar! That just made me more proud of him for some reason.