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They Got the Point!

We have tried to introduce self-spoon-feeding to the twins a few times now. They seemed to understand what needed to be done, but they became frustrated easily and clearly did not want to do the work.

Tonight my husband had diced some chicken for them and I got the idea to try them out on self-feeding with forks. To my surprise, they seemed to get the concept right away. Luke made a great effort to poke his chunks of chicken, but some of the pieces were a tad too small. Luckily that didn't discourage him. Makenzie was open to having her hand and fork be guided to skewer her food. They were already accustomed to being fed with forks, so neither had any problems getting the food off the fork and into their mouth.

Now I'll have to make a list of foods that are suitable for toddlers and can be eaten easily with forks. They need to keep practicing while they are still mildly excited about it.