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Themes for Personalized Easter Baskets

One of the wonderful ladies on SuperMoms World told me that her children had their own special baskets that they left out the night before Easter. Then the Easter Bunny would come along and fill the baskets with goodies before morning.

Since I had already bought 3 red collapsible canvas storage cubes and some fabric paints (the squeeze bottle kind), I thought this would be a great way to get our preschooler involved in a fun craft project. I suggested to him earlier today that this year we could make personalized baskets with his and his brother's and sister's names on them and then leave them for the Easter Bunny to fill. He loved the idea!

I'm really looking forward to his having some input on his basket because I was worried that I would come up with something that he wouldn't like. At least this way, he'll be able to tell me what type of theme he'd like. I was thinking about a dinosaur theme for his. I know he'd love cars on it, but I'm not that confident in my ability to draw cars with puffy paint.

Anyone have any suggestions for themes appropriate for a 4yr old boy, a 1 yr old boy, and a 1yr old girl? I want them to be able to use these for storage in their room for toys or books after Easter and in coming years. I was thinking about some simple flowers in various colors or maybe a princess theme for the girl's. Any ideas are welcome!!!