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A Really Fun CD For Young Children

The CD we listened and danced to during music time today was one of our favorites . . . JoJo's Circus - Songs from under the Big Top! All the songs are cute, catchy, and very easy to dance to. This soundtrack from the Playhouse Disney television show has 30 soundtracks and the majority of them are suitable for dancing.
Here is a list of the songs:

1. JoJo's Circus Theme Song
2. Brush Your Teeth
3. Stretching Song, The
4. Walk Like An Elephant
5. Pat Your Tummy And Rub Your Nose
6. Rum Tum Tum
7. Monkey See Monkey Do
8. Jump For Joy
9. Flap Quack
10. Balance And Pedal
11. Tap On Somebody's Shoulder
12. Gum Drop Song
13. Stuck To You
14. "Spotlight Moment" Theme Song
15. Cannonball JoJo
16. Take A Bow
17. Stop Drop And Roll
18. Statue
19. Rainbow Dance, The
21. Roar
22. Hamstercize
23. Mirror Mirror
24. Pop The Balloons
25. Hoop Jump
26. Laugh And Clap
27. Messy Mess
28. Jump Swish Shimmy
29. Bathtime
30. Go To Sleep

My title is linked to a site where you can sample each song. I highly recommend this cd for children from newborn babies up to preschool-aged kids (maybe even a little older). Our 1yr old twins love it and were just grinning ear to ear while we danced to it.