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The Next Partridge Family? . . . NOT!!!

Everyday, the kids and I have "music time" during which we will dance to a cd, sing songs, . . . anything musical.

Today I suggested that we dig out all the toys we had that are musical instruments. This resulted in a 4-key piano, 3 drums/bongos, and a pair of maracas. I know we had more upstairs, but these were plenty. So we turned on our Leapfrog Fridge DJ Radio and started playing the instruments. Everyone had a turn at the drums, but Jake seemed to enjoy them the most. He showed off by playing all three at once using his hands and his feet. Makenzie seemed to love shaking the maracas (one of her favorite toys) and Luke just wanted to rock to the radio. I'm very impressed with this Leapfrog radio by the way. It has lots of different songs that are catchy, easy to understand, and none of them are annoying.

We had lots of fun playing with the instruments and will certainly do it again (and do it often). I hope the neighbors don't mind.