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MMMBop by Hanson

We were shopping at our local BJ's Wholesale Club earlier this evening. I noticed that they had the music turned up a little louder than usual (loud enough so I could barely hear my phone ringing in my back pocket). I had both twins in one of BJ's wonderful double-seated shopping carts and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Luke seemed to be more into the music playing and Kenzie seemed to be busy looking around at everything.

Well, when Hanson's 1997 hit MMMBop came on (if you don't remember it, use the link in my title to hear a short clip), Luke got this huge grin on his face and started rocking his whole body from side to side. He did this until the entire song was over. It was so adorable, I had to stop in the middle of the store and dance along with him. He never had this reaction to "The Wheels on the Bus!" I guess I've been playing the wrong type of music for him.