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From One Big Bro to Another

Today my 4yr old son and I made a card. An old friend of mine just gave birth to their second son a few weeks ago and I will be sending the little guy a gift this week. I had an idea that Jake could draw a picture to send with the gift. Then I thought it would be an even better idea to make their other son a big brother card. Every new big brother needs to feel special after all. Jake agreed.

As you can imagine, we have to do quick projects around here because that's all our 1yr old twins will allow. A couple of months ago, we had made a picture together. I drew a simple background and Jake decorated it with stickers. I thought this would be a good way to make a nice looking card. We just used yellow construction paper in a bifold format and some stickers I picked up in the dollar section at Target a while ago. I wrote a short message inside for the new big brother. (By the way, sorry if the mommy is seeing this before she receives my package. I hope she doesn't mind.)

I am impressed at how much attention Jake paid to the placement of all the stickers. All the vehicles on the road were carefully selected to face the same direction just as it should be on a real street. I didn't help him at all with the selection or the placement of the stickers.