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Beyond Generosity

Someone did something beyond generous for my parents and I'm not sure if these two people fully realize how happy they have made them, especially my father.

My parents have always lived modestly. My father just retired officially and my mother takes on temp jobs now and then. They just moved into an extension that was built onto my sister's and BIL's house. Well, one day they received a phone call alerting them to the window during which their new television was going to be delivered. It turned out that this generous couple had arranged to have a wide screen plasma television delivered to my parent's new home!

You have to understand that this is not something my parents could ever justify buying for themselves. They classify ordering take-out as extravagant. According to my mother, my father was so excited, he was almost giddy, and he couldn't sleep for several nights.

I hope these two people know how touched my parents are by this gift. Not only was it monetarily generous, but they hit the nail on the head for the all-time perfect gift for them.

Thank you for making my parents so happy!!!