Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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DIY Candy Corn Flower Cuff Bracelet & More Easy Halloween Crafts to Try From Tori Spelling #StarburstCandyCorn

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Starburst. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Creating crafts involving candy is something I have done in the past for Halloween and Christmas, such as gingerbread or haunted houses and candy wreaths, all things I had created as something fun for our children.  Now having seen some of Tori Spellings elegant Halloween candy crafts, I no longer only associate candy crafts with children.  I must admit I was amazed at the creativity behind Tori's DIY decor, desserts, and party favors, all made with Starburst Candy Corn.  In addition to the candy corn bracelet craft I tried, below are some of my favorites of Tori's Halloween crafts . . .
Starburst Candy Corn Mum Balls, Napkin Rings, Place Cards, Party Favors, and Photo Frame

Not only are these creations elegant, but they are all very easy to make.  How cute would that candy corn photo frame look displaying a photo of your costumed child or pet from a past Halloween?
Starburst Candy Corn 'Boo' Door Hanger
In addition to the crafty items above, Tori also created some Halloween jewelry.  I decided to try my hand at making her 'Bewitching Bangle.'  It really could not have been any easier to make.  The most difficult part was selecting the perfect pieces of Starburst Candy Corn.  This bracelet was also inexpensive to make.  I just needed a metal cuff bracelet ($5 at Walmart), one gem, and one metal bead.  The metal bead was not actually part of Tori's design, but I prefer a little metal in my jewelry.

Today's Project:  Easy Candy Corn Flower Cuff Bracelet

20 Starburst Candy Corn (5 yellow, 5 pink or red, and 10 orange)
1 metal cuff bracelet
1 metal bead
1 clear gem
hot glue gun

Step 1.  Choose your pieces of candy corn in advance, avoiding any that are broken or have blemishes.  Then lay them out with their points towards the center in a circular pattern as shown in the photo above.

Step 2.  Using your hot glue gun, glue the candy pieces from Layer #1 to the top center of the bracelet.

Step 3.  Glue the candy pieces from Layer #2 on top of the first layer, positioning the tips of the candy as close as possible and making sure to position the pieces so that you can still see each piece from Layer #1.

Step 4.  Glue the candy pieces from Layer #3 on top of the second layer, making sure to position the pieces so that you can still see each piece from Layer #2.

Step 5.  Put a dot of hot glue at the center of your flower and immediately push the metal bead into place.

Step 6.  Put a dot of glue at the center of the metal bead and immediately push the gem into place.

That's it!  Could that have been any easier?  I was pretty pleased with how this project turned out.  Even my husband, who never notices anything I wear (especially jewelry), thought the bracelet was pretty cool looking.

The results of our project . . . 

This and any of Tori's Tasty Tips For Halloween Entertaining would make fun projects for a girls' night-in!  Personally, I think these colors would look beautiful during the spring and summer seasons too.  If you agree, you might want to buy some extra bags of Starburst Candy Corn to keep aside before they're gone for the season!  Which of Tori's crafty Halloween ideas would you try first?


  1. how cute,,but anyway to spray them with something so they last longer? my dog would try to eat my arm if he could smell it

  2. @VickeC: I'm sure there must be Vicky. I put mine in a Ziploc bag to keep it safe. Then the next day my 6 year old son was "looking" at it and now one of the candy corns has a crack in it.

  3. This is really cute! And I love candy corn!

  4. I love the candy corn bracelet. Never seen that before!

  5. What a cute bracelet, and I love the Boo door decor. I am not the craftiest person but I could probably handle doing these crafts.

  6. How cute~I never thought to make something like this. I had to smile when I read what your son did to yours :-)

  7. Awesome creation! Very imaginative and unique.

  8. Great idea for halloween candy. Did not see it earlier but will keep in mind for upcoming halloween. Candy corn is one of my favs


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