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Easy Lactose-Free Milkshake Popsicle Recipes Using #LACTAID Products

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Earlier this year, I attended a webinar to learn about cooking with lactose-free dairy products from celebrity chef and LACTAID spokesperson Melissa D'Arabian.  Out of what I learned from that webinar, the most important thing was that I can easily substitute milk and other regular dairy products called for in recipes with lactose-free LACTAID products.  Even though, I can mostly eat foods containing dairy, like pizza, Alfredo sauce, and ice cream, in small quantities without too much stomach upset, I have been staying away from a few favorites.  One of the treats I miss the most is vanilla milkshakes.  I make them for my husband and children, but I always go without.

Since the summertime weather is upon us, I thought it would be a wonderful treat to make some lactose-free milkshake popsicles for my family that I could enjoy as well.  I experimented with a few different recipes and will share two with you today.  The best part about making milkshake popsicles is that there is always milkshake leftover for you to drink after filling the popsicle molds!

Recipe:  Lactose-Free Berry Milkshake Popsicles

3/4 cup LACTAID milk
1-3/4 cup LACTAID Vanilla Ice Cream (packed)
Approximately 1/2 cup of frozen berries
NutriBullet or blender

Step 1.  Put the lactose-free milk and ice cream into the blender.

Step 2.  Add all the frozen berries to the blender.

Step 3.  Blend for 15 to 20 seconds or until the desired consistency is reached.

Step 4.  Carefully spoon the mixture into the popsicle molds until they are filled to the top.  Then place in the popsicle handles.

Step 5.  Freeze popsicles overnight.  Then remove from the molds and enjoy.

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The next recipe is a chunky one.  It calls for peanuts, so if someone in your home has a nut allergy, you can replace the peanuts with small broken pieces of pretzel to get the same salty sweet taste combination.

Recipe:  Lactose-Free Peanut Waffle Cone Milkshake Popsicles

3/4 cup LACTAID milk
1-3/4 cup LACTAID Vanilla Ice Cream (packed)
Approximately 40 salted peanut halves
1 large waffle cone broken into small pieces
4 to 8 popsicle molds
NutriBullet or blender

Step 1.  Put the lactose-free milk and ice cream into the blender.

Step 2.  Blend for 15 to 20 seconds or until the desired consistency is reached.

Step 3.  Carefully spoon the mixture into the popsicle molds until they are filled up to 3/4" from the brim.

Step 4.  To each mold, add a few waffle cone pieces and then a few peanut halves.  Use something narrow, like a chopstick, to push the chunks downward in the thick milkshake mixture.  Continue to alternate adding waffle cone pieces and peanut halves until the milkshake is level with the brim of the popsicle mold.

Step 5.  Place in the popsicle handles carefully.

Step 6.  Freeze overnight.  Then remove from the popsicle molds and serve.

My favorite of the two types of milkshake popsicles was the Peanut Waffle Cone.  I might try it with chocolate-covered peanuts next time.  My children, however, all preferred the Berry Milkshake Popsicles and did not care for the chunkiness of the other.  I think it is because they are slow eaters.  If the Peanut Waffle Cone Popsicles are allowed to melt, then the waffle cone can start to become soggy.

Of course, LACTAID products can be used in more than just dessert recipes.  Take a look at this mouthwatering recipe for Lactose-Free Chicken in Creamy Mushroom Sauce shared by Melissa D'Arabian on the Today Show recently . . .

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  1. Oh these look and sound delicious. Perfect for a nice cool treat on a hot summer day especially for those who cannot tolerate dairy products.

  2. So glad you shared this. My sisters granddaughter is lactose intolerant and she would love to do this for her. They look wonderful!

  3. I have not tried the Lactaid ice cream yet but I really need to eat this instead of regular ice cream. I drink Lactaid milk every day. I will have to try the ice cream soon.

  4. These are great. My mom and niece are lactose intolerant so I will make sure they get these recipes. I feel bad that they always miss out on the ice cream!

  5. Looks yummy. I might make red, white, and blue popsicles for the upcoming Independence Day holiday.

  6. GReat alternatives for the summer! lexbaylor17 (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. thanks for this reciept,,im so going to try this for my grandkids

  8. These look so good. I am lactose intolerant and was wondering if Lactaid is good to just drink? I have yet to try it for fear of bad taste.

  9. @Rebecca Parsons: I have tried drinking Lactaid by itself before. It doesn't have a bad taste, but it is a little different. It is slightly less creamy and a little bit sweeter than regular milk. I think most people get used to it over time. :)

  10. I love Milk Shakes and these lactose free milkshake popsicles are so delicious. I have problems with milk because I am sensitive to the lactose. But I want to make these for summer and have when my niece and nephew come over.

  11. Great idea! And I love your popsicle molds!

  12. This looks delicious! What a yummy summer treat!

  13. My daughter has been saying lately that she has been having tummy troubles after dairy products. I just bought her Lactaid milk a few weeks ago and maybe this would be something good for me to make for her.


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