Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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Adding Extra Carbon Monoxide Detectors at Home as an Extra Precaution

I never gave carbon monoxide detectors a moments thought until I owned a home with a young baby. As I learned about all the things you need to learn after becoming a parent, you realize very quickly that making a home safe for a baby is not just about covering plugs and sharp edges, It is also about the dangers of carbon monoxide.

I was fortunate that the hard wired smoke detectors in my home were also carbon monoxide detectors. But even with one on each floor, I wanted to do more. In addition to the existing detectors, I installed a battery operated carbon monoxide detector in the babies room for an extra degree of protection. For a few extra dollars it was simply a no-brainer.

We do not have a boiler here or any other combustion based systems in the house that would produce carbon monoxide, but that did not matter. When you think about how fragile a child is versus the cost of adequately protecting your home with carbon monoxide detectors it is not even an argument.

In the 8.5 years my family and I have lived in our home, we have never had one of the detectors sound a warning alarm (as I predicted), but knowing they are there protecting us makes every penny spent on them worth it.


  1. We just recently bought some carbon monoxide detectors for our home.

  2. We just bought an extra one for our home after the one we had went off. Thank god it was just the batteries but I got one with a reader on front this time so I always can tell what is happening


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