Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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Silly Monkey Stories: Ordering Takeout

It used to be that ordering takeout for dinner would be so easy.  All three children are a different degree of picky when it comes to food, so we generally order the same things every time.  Take Chinese food, for example.  We know that if we stick with white rice and chicken wings, then all three children will be happy.  Beyond that, things get a little iffy.

Lately everyone has been getting bored with the same dishes and has been wanting to try something different.  I don't recall how we got on the subject of tofu, but for some reason the children did not recall eating it before, even though they have many times in restaurants, especially fried tofu.  Because we kept insisting that they had most definitely eaten it before, our 5 year old son had to put his foot down and exclaimed . . .

"No!  We've never had toad food before!!"

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