Sunday, May 13, 2012

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My Photos: Preschool Brunch

Every year at preschool, each classroom throws a brunch for which each student gets to invite one special guest.  Since we have twins, both my husband and I had the pleasure of attending last year and this year.

The children really work very hard to prepare for the brunch.  They helped to bake cookies and banana bread.  They also made placemats for themselves and their guest, place cards, and a vase with egg carton flowers.  I still have our 8 year old son's vase and flowers from his last year in preschool, so now we have three to display proudly.

After everyone had filled their tummies with bagels, sandwiches, pasta, cookies, brownies, and banana bread, the children sang several songs for us, which was adorable!  You could really tell which children were shy and which were not.  Both our children were part of the shy group, but were extremely cute nonetheless.

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