Friday, June 17, 2011

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Why Don't They Make Bar or Counter Height Desks?

Sometimes my mind wanders while I am working at my desk.  (Big surprise there, right?)  My work area is as cramped as can be and I always am trying to think of a way to create a more organized and efficient space by increasing the amount of storage space I have.  Then it occurred to me that I would have quite a bit more storage space if my desk was higher.

I have never seen a writing desk or a computer desk that was a counter or bar height.  Just think of how many more drawers, file cabinets, and storage bins could fit under there!  There are dining room tables that would work for this purpose.  Most pub tables are round or square because they are meant to create a social area, but rectangular ones do exist.  How's that for creative dining table ideas?  Would you expect any less from me?  After all, my current desk chair is a dining room side chair and my printer stand is a living room end table.