Saturday, April 10, 2010

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For Better or For Worse: The Case of the Missing Knobs

Last summer, we tried to avoid turning on the air conditioner in the children's bedroom because it is extremely loud that we feared we wouldn't be able to hear them if they needed us. Eventually it became so hot, we decided that fans were not doing an adequate job in keeping our children comfortable.

When we went to turn on the air conditioner, we couldn't. No, it wasn't broken. . . . the knobs were missing. There was nothing there except two little stubs. I asked my husband if he took the knobs off so the children couldn't play with the air conditioner and he replied that he did not. Then we asked each of our three children and they all replied with a "no." I still thought maybe one of the children did it, but we had no way to know for sure.

Fast forward 9 months later, my husband was looking through his personal storage box for some important papers. Guess what he found in that box!

I feel terrible for suspecting the children all these months.