Monday, February 22, 2010

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My Son Presented Me With Two Original Works of Art

If you've followed my Creating With Colors series, then you already know that our kindergartner loves to create art. He surprised me with these two pictures the other day.

The first one was of a rainbow and it put such a smile on my face. He didn't like that I said that it looked like there was a door that led under the rainbow though. I think he did an awesome job writing the to and the from all on his own. He is convinced that "f" is good enough without the "rom" after it. Sometimes you just can't argue with a 6yr old.

This next one is a portrait of me. I love this one because I am smiling in the picture and there are two hearts . . . one for my son and one for me. I am going to have him sign this one so I can keep it forever.