Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Thank You to My Elf Amanda!

This year, the MomDot Community (run by Trisha Haas) was able to organize a Secret Santa Elf gift exchange. This was a great idea to boost morale and to strengthen a sense of community . . . not to mention that it was fun!

It turns out that my elf was Amanda, who authors Confessions from Householdsix. My gift arrived a few days ago and I did not wait one second to open it.

Amanda had managed to find one of the two books I had mentioned on my wishlist. It is the last book in a trilogy. I already own the first two, but have been waiting to read them until I could obtain the third book. I had been looking for this book for almost a year, so I owe Amanda a huge THANK YOU!!! She was also generous enough to include a Barnes & Noble gift card so I can continue my search for the other book on my wishlist.

I also would like to extend a big thank you to Tanya of Mommy Goggles for taking the time and the initiative to organize this online event.