Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Silly Monkey Stories: "That'll Show Her!"

I had a little story in mind to post today, but I could not get any good photos to accompany it. So I will just have to try to get some for next week's Silly Monkey Story.

Something really cute did happen today though. The twins were fighting over toys as usual. I refuse to have two of everything, so no matter what one twin has in their possession, they always want what the other has. Anyways, Makenzie took a toy away from Luke and was totally hogging it as usual. I heard them arguing and then I heard Luke half crying . . . half complaining. Then what do you suppose I heard?

I heard the sound of furniture moving. I looked over and there was Luke pushing the little table across the living room floor. I guess he had decided that if Makenzie was going to be a hog, then he would take the entire table . . . toys and all. I imagine he was thinking in his head, "HAHA! That'll show her!!"

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