Sunday, April 27, 2008

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Rock "n" Roll Kids Party

Yesterday we attended a Rock "n" Roll themed party for two birthday boys. It was lots of fun complete with a DJ, a bubble machine, inflatable air guitars, sunglasses, maracas, beach balls, balloons, and much more. I was extremely impressed with the microphone cupcakes. I hope the party-throwers don't mind if I share how clever those cupcakes were.

Have you ever baked ice cream cone cupcakes, where the batter is poured right into the wafer ice cream cones and baked in the oven? Well, then you know that after less than a day, the cones become soft. These microphone cakes were not baked in the cone. They were actually cupcakes placed into the opening of the cone after the fact. Then they were all frosted in various colors and decorated with colorful sprinkles. The microphone cords were made with a shoestring-type fruit snack that were threaded through a small hole made in the bottom of each wafer cone. I am guessing that they tied a knot on the end of the fruit string to secure them.

That's not all though! The best part of these microphone cupcakes were the surprise inside. The bodies of the cones between the cupcake and the bottom of the cone were filled with M&Ms!!! If you shook them, they rattled like maracas.

If you are looking for a fun idea for a kids party, I highly recommend a dance party. The kids got to get all their energy out and then you sugar them up on these cool microphone cupcakes (which made the party . . . well, those and the DJ) and send them home. LOL!!!

(Sorry the photos aren't so great. I didn't realize during the party that I would be blogging about those cupcakes, so I was lucky just to scrounge up these fuzzy ones.)


  1. hi,

    my kids are party on i found kids stuff

  2. I have made those cupcake cones before. Not with the microphone spin on them though.
    Looks fun!

  3. Love the microphone cupcakes! My son is a music nut! I am going to make these for his birthday party in July. Thanks for the idea!!

  4. I'd love to do this for my daughter's Hannah Montana party next weekend. What kind of "stand" are the cupcakes in/on?

  5. They just used a regular wire cupckae holder/stand. It was tiered and the cones sat right in the rings.

    Good luck with the party!


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